FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Why Friendship Is Important: Life Coach Deborah Ballard Announces New Program “Hey Girlfriend”

In a world overrun by the constant ebb and flow of technology, where everything is connected and small, where everyone is constantly on the run and busy, it’s no wonder that all the aggression and the competition can leave us stressed out, tired and burned-out. Having a good friend can be a place to refuel, energize and ignite.
Certified Professional Life and Christian Coach, Deborah Courtney-Ballard B.A., CPC, CCC announces that she is the Friendship Coach and is adding a new division to her service list at called HEY GIRLFRIEND! As an experienced Life Coach, Deborah is extending her services having served clients globally via phone, email and video calls as well as one on one sessions.
“Hey Girlfriend!”, as it is called, is an addition to Dream Pusher’s list of services that aims to teach people what it means to have a friend and to be a friend and why friendship is a significant part of life. Deborah, who has introduced herself as the Friendship Coach, annouced that “Everybody needs one”. It’s an important aspect in anyone’s life, and the relationships you create with your friends help you keep your character and build your spirit, while helping your friend do the same. She coaches and teach friendship. Both men and women as well as boys and girls need this knowledge.” To further spread the word, the program is planned as a group effort, designed for organizations, schools, and groups of all kind, professional or otherwise.
Coaching has become an effective method in teaching the life lessons that could save us all the trouble of trying to keep up in a crazy world, as demonstrated by a 2001 study that showed a massive increase in productivity, quality of work, teamwork, reduced customer complaints and better customer care. And the world hasn’t become calmer or less competitive in the past 13 years. Recognizing that there is a need for friendship even in business she is denouncing the dog eat dog mentality. As her tag line states “from here to your destiny” it is a smoother journey traversing with a friend.
Deborah Courtney-Ballard is the Dream Pusher and the Friendship Coach. Long before Life Coaching became a profession she was a mentor to family, friends and acquaintances. Her love for life coaching stems from her love for people and her passion for helping them.
About: Deborah Ballard, B..A, CPC, CCC, is a certified professional life and Christian coach, with years of experience as an entrepreneur, radio and TV personality, as well as a public speaker. Her knowledge in motivation and ability to inspire and create has helped countless people get back on track with their lives, even before she opened Dream Pusher. Her goals lie in making her clients believe in themselves and find their inner calling, while helping them improve their lives to the best of their abilities.
Contact: Deborah Ballard can be reached at: